July 7th

Lilongwe, Malawi
Today was the first of two for the hearing clinic at African Bible College. We were not sure how well the event had been advertised but, as it turned our, many people came and some had to be turned away with instructions to come back the next day. Some who arrived in the morning waited all day before they could be examined and fitted. There were many who did not speak English so interpreters were kept busy and translating took much more time.
For small children, the audiology team used a box of toys to have children toss one into the box each time they heard a sound through the earphones. That strategy made the testing more enjoyable for the young children than simply raising the hand.
Elizabeth and Bill Ottaway, who had come down from Nkhata Bay, worked all day with our team. Elizabeth, a nurse, kept with earwax removal and they both learned how to do ear molds, which was what they wanted to learn the most. Clarice worked to collect information on each child as the first part of the process.
They never stopped to eat so I drove down to a place in the road where vendors were selling bananas and brought back three bunches but even some did not stop to eat those due to the rapid-fire pace of the day.
Other than record the events on photos, I had to attend to the new issue of adding seats to the back of our Land Cruiser. Kyle and I left the ABC and returned to Land and Lake where Sulemon joined us. From there we went to see a friend of his who owned an auto wrecking business to see if they had rear seats from a Land Cruiser. We chose two folding bench seats that face each other along the side of the vehicle and he quoted a reasonable price.
Car parts in Malawi are very expensive and I was pleased that he did not over charge us. Kyle asked about the price of front hubs to use for his wind generator and found that they were more expensive than anticipated. The thought of shipping them from the US crossed his mind but we reminded him of the high import duty and shipping costs that would significantly add to the cost.
We spent much of the rest of the day arranging for the vehicle registration to be changed from 5 to 9 passenger. With the seats loaded, but not installed, an agent made and inspection and I gave him an extra MK (Kwacha) 3000, along with a fee of MK 13,000, to speed up the paper work. That phase was finished by the end of the day and we had the papers in hand by 5:30.
Meanwhile, we also visited a shop where the seats would be installed. Twice we went but the proprietor was not there so Sulemon telephoned him to say we would return in the morning.
During the day, we also met with Mcdonald Ganisyeje to tell him about the new opportunity in our collaboration with Little Field orphanage, and potential purchase of the Ntchisi Forest Lodge, where he could become the operation manager and primary operation person in Malawi. Although I have never seen McDonald get excited—for that matter, I am not sure I have every seen a Malawian become excited—he was certainly interested and assured me that he wanted to participate. We arranged to have him come to the Golden Peacock the same evening so we could talk more and he could meet Janet Littlefield, and her husband Bill, when they arrived.
McDonald had a cell phone for us to use as the one I had purchased in 2007, which his wife used while we are out of the Country, had worn out.
Kyle and I returned to the African Bible College to pick up most of our team while Sulemon arranged to come to get the remainder at 5:30. We did a little work on our computers until McDonald arrived and then he joined us for dinner. Afterward, just as I was getting ready to take him home, Janet and Bill arrived with a group of 26 others who are volunteers for their orphanage. We took a few moments for short introductions and made plans for Janet and I to meet with McDonald in the morning. Meanwhile, Bill and most of the other members of their group would go on Safari into Zambia while a few remained to go with us to Ntchisi Forest Lodge.
One volunteer asked to participate with our audiology team so I asked that she be ready to go with us by 7:30 the next morning.

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