Layover in Johannesburg, SA

After a relatively short flight from Phoenix to New York (JFK), and a few hour layover, we boarded a South African Airway Air Bus for Johannesburg—a non stop 15 hour flight—and arrived in the early morning (Monday). The flight was uneventful and some of our party watched several movies while others slept.
As I write, some are stretched out on the chairs in the lounge area while we await a 2:15 PM departure for Nairobi where we will overnight before our 45 minute flight to Kisumu in western Kenya. At that point, we will remain on the ground until July 4th during which time our audiology team will conduct three days of hearing clinics and I will interview people with disabilities as well as deliver two devices designed and built by our ASU bioengineering students for Clement, a cobbler with polio.
Reports on those and other events will come later but for now, we are glad to have the long trans-Atlantic flight behind us.
We did make contact with our South African friends who were active in the ANC throughout the time it was underground, and illegal—the time when the apartheid Government governed SA. Our friends, Joyce and Pali, were in- laws to the former President of the ANC, Arthur Tambo, at the time that Nelson Mandela and Walter Sizulu were in prison. Through their connections with ANC, they worked side-by-side with Mandela, Sizulu and Tutu and have plenty of stories to tell.

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